SS 9-12


Date of running: Saturday 10th of September

Road closure time - SS9: 09:26 h.
First car due - SS9: 10:56h.
Road closure time - SS12: 14:56 h.
First car due - SS12: 16:26h.

Possibly the most demanding and beautiful stage for the driver and co-driver on the Rally. Nearly 30 kilometers of very winding road, with many slow corners, constant acceleration and short braking, abrasive and narrow asphalt to Puente Agüera which then widens out.

The second part is constantly rising with continuous curves that give the feeling that the stage never ends and is very long, up to the heights of the Alto la Llama, where the cars take the famous crossing to the left making the final descent of the stretch on a wider road with better grip, but with significant braking areas.

The last leg of the three sections that are held on Saturday, and where the tyres can become very stressed, an important detail that can go unnoticed. Possibly it is a decisive stage due to its length and difficulty, where the driver should keep the tyres in good shape to its end.

For the public it has many and varied access points from the beginning to the end of the stage.

Plase, click here to download all the information of this stage in a single pdf file
(general and detail map, access and special safety areas)

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