SS 8-11


Date of running: Saturday 10th of September

Road closure time - SS8: 08:45 h.
First car due - SS8: 10:15h.
Road closure time - SS11: 14:15 h.
First car due - SS11: 15:45h.

A very special stage, almost 15 kilometers long with 5 distinct areas. The first kilometers of the stretch run along a narrow road with slightly broken but abrasive asphalt and with a good grip, combining fast zones with slow zones, is the legendary Valdebaárcena area. Most of this is uphill, area except the last kilometer to reach the historical curve Pandenes. This first part has areas, especially at the beginning, which can present dampness in the first pass to be run at 9 am.

After Pandenes curve, there is a wider road with new asphalt but less rugged and slippery where we find some important braking areas which can be reached fairly quickly.

In Fresneu there is a change of asphalt road, more abrasive and grippier, and it will be essential to make good use of the entire width of the road. Then there is a natural chicane in a parking area where the old road ran which will force making a good line.

In the village of El Llano there is a left turn, again changing the road to reach, in just 2 kilometers, a concrete area, narrow and twisty with several curves, which can be very complicated at first.

Next, in the final meters of the stretch, is the Poreñu road, which the spectators can access.

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(general and detail map, access and special safety areas)

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