SS 3-6


Date of running: Friday 9th of September

Road closure time - SS3: 14:19 h.
First car due - SS3: 15:49h.
Road closure time - SS6: 18:35 h.
First car due - SS6: 20:05h.

The last stage of the day is one of the many possible versions of one of the most legendary stages of this Rally and the rallies in the region of Asturias, characterized by its broken surface, with a lot of cutting on the corners, where drivers, especially on the second pass, found a very dirty road. It also has some closed areas between the trees in which it is easy to find damp areas. It has a length of almost 20 kilometers making it a little more difficult still.

It begins with some uphill with a ratio of interlocked corners to then go down to the roundabout, to take in a short cut in the direction of travel, making it an area that may be of interest to viewers. Then it climbs again through a narrow zone towards the reservoir of the Afilorios, near the end of section 2-5, to again take a steep descent before climbing to the village of Busloñe, with some false flat in a narrow road with somewhat irregular floor.

In the final part of the stage there is a steep descent from the Viapará area, it is the downhill section of the mythical Angliru, with a wide two-lane road and a good firm but slippery surface. It will be very important to have good braking on the car, and it is necessary to get the line right through slow corners, sacrificing speed if necessary to avoid running out of line on the following corner.

It is a stretch in which it is essential to get a good rhythm from the start, because it is long enough to lose a lot of time if the driver loses concentration. The second pass will be in the dark and is an area that is often quite foggy so the pace notes will be of great importance.

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(general and detail map, access and special safety areas)

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