SS 2-5


Date of running: Friday 9th of September

Road closure time - SS2: 13:39 h.
First car due - SS2: 15:09h.
Road closure time - SS5: 17:55 h.
First car due - SS5: 19:25h.

The second stage of the Rally is named Oviedo as it runs along roads around the town that gives name to Rally. It's nearly 12 kilometers long and starts with a climb on a road with good asphalt and medium width.

From that point, when entering the village of Santo Adriano, there is a change to a more rapid section with several lose asphalt zones and then into wooded areas with abundant vegetation that may be likely to cause dampness.

At the crossroads of Tenebredo there is a change in road beginning with a steep climb with good width and good asphalt until the next crossing to the right, where there is a lot more lose asphalt with a series of curves, one after another, in one of the most spectacular scenary of the route, that the drivers won't have time to enjoy, and that leads to the finish line, located in the area of the reservoir of Afilorios.

Plase, click here to download all the information of this stage in a single pdf file
(general and detail map, access and special safety areas)

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