SS 1-4


Date of running: Friday 9th of September

Road closure time - SS1: 12:43 h.
First car due - SS1: 14:13h.
Road closure time - SS4: 16:59 h.
First car due - SS4: 18:29h.

The section that opens the Rally is just over 13 kilometers long and is characterized by a number of crossings, road changes and many blind corners which will challenge the drivers and co-drivers to score very well. Due to the presence of numerous crossings it has very good access for the public.

It is a mostly narrow or not too wide and with not many lose areas with asphalt that makes the car quite fast and is flat for most of its route. It is important to trust the notes and the codriver as it has very fast, short and blind corners where, if in doubt, you can lose a lot of time or if an error is committed.

The rhythm changes are constant along its length, due to the numerous crossings and passing with a fairly open area with plenty of visibility can lead to mistakes or forgetfulness due to the lack of references.

The final part of the section is wider with a very technical descent which ends in a sharp left curve. A very spectacular finish area where clean lines will be the key to set a good time.

Plase, click here to download all the information of this stage in a single pdf file
(general and detail map, access and special safety areas)

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